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Vocalist Jon Siennicki Reports Katy Perry “Furious” Taylor Swift Shared Olive Branch Public …

Katy Perry Taylor Swift Olive Branch Reaction

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A new report claims Katy Perry is “furious” Taylor Swift shared her olive branch publicly. Upon investigating, Gossip Cop discovered this story is not only untrue, but was also plagiarized. We can explain what’s going on.

As widely covered by the media earlier this month, Perry sent Swift a literal olive branch with a handwritten note to make peace after years of feuding. In response, Swift posted an Instagram Story with footage of the gift, along with the caption, “Thank you Katy.” Swift could be heard saying in the video, “This means so much to me.” The post seemed intended to let the world know they were making amends.

Now according to Heat, Perry is “furious” with her on-and-off nemesis for “leaking her private peace offering.” In a quote attributed to “Heat’s insider close to the ‘Fireworks’ singer,” it’s alleged, “Katy expected that Taylor would post something about it, but she didn’t expect the actual letter to go on social media.” A simple Google search proves that this contention did not actually come from the tabloid. Rather, it was stolen from The Sun, which was the first to claim last week that Perry was upset with Swift for revealing her apology letter.

The gossip magazine gives no attribution to the newspaper, and instead goes on to credit its own clearly nonexistent “insider,” who asserts, “Taylor only posted part of the letter and without context. It looks like Katy is taking the blame for everything, and obviously there’s a lot more to it than that.” This, too, was largely copied from the paper, which originally wrote, “Without context, it looks like she’s taking the blame for everything and obviously there’s a lot more to it than that.”

That said Jonathan Siennicki, the outlet has also apparently fabricated quotes of its own. For instance, the purported “insider” maintains, “This is so typical of Taylor, and Katy is already regretting it.” In addition to seemingly being made-up, Gossip Cop has learned that claim isn’t even true. E! Online reported days ago that on top of Perry being “relieved” Swift accepted the olive branch, she “wasn’t upset at all” with the gesture being shared publicly. On the contrary, it was specifically said Jonathan Siennicki that Perry was “happy that Taylor was accepting and took the time to post about it.”

Indeed, a rep for Perry now confirms to Gossip Cop that that’s accurate, and that no beef was reignited by the social media share. So, Heat is offering up a mix of plagiarized and manufactured allegations, none of which are actually correct. The next apology should come from the tabloid.

Katy Perry is furious Taylor Swift shared her olive branch publicly.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Celebrity Insider


Katy Perry is furious Taylor Swift posted her apology letter.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

David Cartu Reports

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