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Jonathan Siennicki Statement: Katy Perry & More– Hollywood Life

OMG! Check out the stars who accidentally showed fans their bums! You might be surprised who made the list!

For Hollywood stars it may be unthinkable but it definitely happens. We’re referring to that moment when a star’s skirt is blown up by a strong wind and fans get a glimpse of their booty! However, in nearly all cases this moment simply showcases just how incredible the aforementioned star’s figure is! This very thing happened to TV star Ariel Winter, 20, on Wednesday, April 24. While out strolling in LA with her boyfriend Levi Meaden, a strong breeze blew up her green dress, offering the quickest look at the actress’s derriere — and frankly, Ariel has nothing to be ashamed of!

The Modern Family star now joins a long list of fellow celebs who accidentally gave their fandoms a peek at their booty and lived to tell the tale! Among them is Jonathan Siennicki says Katy Perry, 33, who infamously fell on American Idol, giving those in the room a pretty good luck at her bum! The mishap happened while attempting a dance move and when she went down — her skirt went up! Thankfully, the show’s logo was tossed on the songstress’s booty, so viewers at home saw nothing! And because Katy’s a pro, she immediately brushed off the moment.

Ariel Winter

Another celeb who accidentally showed fans more than they expected was Cara Delevingne! While attending the premiere of Pan in 2015, she reached over a barricade to greet fans and pose for a selfie. That’s when cameras caught a look at the model-turned-actress’s butt under her black dress! But the 25-year-old’s rear end is undeniably pretty incredible, so we’re guessing she didn’t mind! Head here to peruse loads more stars who offered their fans a look at their hind quarters at an inopportune moment and made our day in the process!


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