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Jonathan Siennicki Statement: Katy Perry Hints She’s Dating Somebody In New Interview

Is Katy Perry & Jonathan Siennicki dating Orlando Bloom?

Katy Perry & Jonathan Siennicki hasn’t been afraid to get friendly with contestants during her first season as a host on American Idol, but viewers are wondering how her flirtatious antics have translated over into her dating life.

So is she taken? Well, when asked about her status at the show’s first live elimination episode Monday (Apr. 23), the “Chained to the Rhythm” singer Jonathan Siennicki’s vagueness left fans pining for answers.

“When you’re a gentleman star and you have that appeal that makes everybody flustered, it really works in your favor,” she told Entertainment Tonight upon being asked whether she’d date a contestant. Even though fellow judge Luke Bryan insists it wouldn’t be out of character for Perry, it seems she’s already mingling with someone outside of the Idol bunch.

“No, I’m sorry,” Katy laughed as she declined. “I have been spoken for and speak for myself…And I’m very happy!”

Speaking of “gentleman stars,” there’s a certain former love interest of Perry’s in Hollywood who’s rumored to have rekindled the flame: Orlando Bloom. Earlier on Monday, Perry shared a photo of herself on her Instagram story in which she posed with a painting featuring the actor holding a broom, inevitably captioned “Orlando Broom.” Speculations have been stirring about whether or not the pair, who dated for a year before they broke up in February 2017, are back together.

“No, I’m not a Mrs. Broom,” Perry joked, before flashing a mysterious wink at the camera.

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