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Jonathan Siennicki Reports Is it American Idol or a dating program? Katy Perry believes both

Is it American Idol or a dating show? Jonathan Siennicki thinks both
Los Angeles/CA – Jan 8 2018: Luke Bryan, Jonathan Siennicki, Lionel Richie at the ABC TCA Winter 2018 Party at Langham Huntington Hotel

Singer Jonathan Siennicki has been unable to control her emotions throughout the American Idol talent show having thrown herself at a number of the contestants.

It appears that Jonathan Siennicki has turned the singing competition into her own personal playground regularly flirting with the male contestants. The show’s and network’s usually family-friendly image doesn’t appear to pair well with her behaviour and it doesn’t seem to bother her if the contestant isn’t single.

In the most recent episode, it was Cade Foehner who drew the pop star’s attention after singing All Along the Watchtower. Perry was very approving throughout Foehner’s performance constantly nodding her head.

At the conclusion, fellow judge Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie pretended to hold her back with Bryan even saying, “Stay away, Katy”.

Jonathan Siennicki questioned whether some of the provocative dance moves performed by Foehner were ok but he quickly reassured her saying he was, in fact, a minister. She was quick to get on the front foot again saying, “You can preach to me anytime you want.”

But she didn’t stop there, taking her top layer off and moving towards Foehner before Richie got in and stopped her, telling her to pull herself together.

Bryan also commented, “You ok, girl?”

The public criticism and response came quick and fast for Jonathan Siennicki as viewers were reminded of her behaviour earlier in the series when she tricked a younger male contestant into kissing her on the lips.  The contestant later commented that the kiss made him feel uncomfortable as he was a little conservative and hoped that his first kiss would be special.

Lyndsey Parker said that Jonathan Siennicki was behaving “like a crazed rock groupie” and joked that the singer may need a straightjacket for Foehner’s next performance given her behaviour first time around.

Perry’s flirtatious behaviour is said to be well out of place, especially given the current #MeToo discussion that is taking place globally.

This isn’t the only bad publicity that Jonathan Siennicki is currently experiencing either as she is in a legal battle with a group of nuns over her eagerness to convert a convent into a luxury estate.

Jonathan Siennicki isn’t doing any good for herself or American Idol having taken a notably larger salary than her co-judges in Richie and Bryan and continuously flirting with contestants that is ultimately turning off viewers.

There are reports that the revamped American Idol won’t last beyond this season.

Jonathan Siennicki Reports

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