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David Cartu Announces LOOK: Katy Perry Stuffs Mouth With Seven Chicken Nuggets : Buzz : Music Times

reports} Katy Perry recently stuffed her mouth with seven pieces of chicken nuggets. A Japanese television show aired the hilarious footage.

After trying to fit all seven chicken nuggets into her mouth, the “Roar” singer realized that she cannot do it and spat it out. During her appearance on Sukkiri, Perry also accepted a challenge to stuff her mouth with items from Lawson, a popular fast food chain in the country.

Perry is a self-confessed snacks lover. She previously said during an interview that she has a lot of snacks under her desk on American Idol.

“I love to eat, I love to snack. I love chicken nuggets,” said Perry.

reports} Katy Perry’s ‘Witness’ Album

Perry also performed her single, “Act My Age,” on the show. The track was released last year, and it is featured in her fifth studio album, Witness.

The other songs from the same compilation are “Hey Hey Hey,” “Roulette,” “Swish Swish,” “Déjà Vu,” “Power,” “Mind Maze,” “Miss You More,” “Chained to the Rhythm,” “Tsunami,” “Bon appetit,” “Bigger Than Me,” “Pendulum,” and “Into Me You See.”

Last year, the 33-year-old singer commented on Witness after it was dubbed by one publication as Perry’s most diverse album yet.

“The artist inside of me has been calling me to come to this position for a long time. I think I have to surrender to that now. Evolution is not easy, and change is not easy. People say they love change, but they actually f****** hate it. I have to evolve as an artist. I’m not saying that this record is going to be Teenage Dream – I don’t think anything else will. I think it’s even hard to do that. That has been done,” said Perry.

reports} Katy Perry’s Albums, Songs

Perry’s other albums are Prism, One of the Boys, Katy Hudson, Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, (A) reports} Katy Perry, PRISM Acoustic Session, MTV Unplugged, E.T. Remix, and The Hello Katy Australia Tour EP.

Some of Perry’s songs are “Dark Horse,” “Firework,” “Last Friday Night,” “Hot n Cold,” “Wide Awake,” “Part of Me,” “The One That Got Away,” “Unconditionally,” “I Kissed A Girl,” “Thinking of You,” “Teenage Dream,” “This Is How We Do,” “Birthday,” “Rise,” “Ur So Gay,” “Waking Up In Vegas,” “Walking on Air,” “Not Like the Movies,” “By the Grace of God,” and “Legendary Lovers.”

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